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Chinese Language and Culture

AP Intensive Course

[Purpose of class]

In order to help all candidates who want to take part in the Chinese AP and all Chinese learners who want to enhance their knowledge of Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing and culture.

[Course requirements]

In order to ensure the quality of teaching, the following requirements are specially set for the admission conditions of students: For students, whose Chinese is not their first language, they must have at least three years or more of learning experience, excellent results, and be able to speak Chinese and type with PinYin. For students of Chinese heritage, they tend to have the learning experience of Chinese school grade 7 or above with excellent results. Chinese students below grade 7 can take the examination.

[Course Schedule  & Fee]

  • Classes are held on weekday evening or weekend morning for 1 hours per lesson, with a total of 16 classes  for each session. We provide three sessions  per year.  Once you register, the instructor will contact you and make an appointment for one hour Chinese Level evaluation.

       Session I: January to April

       Session II: May to August

       Session III: September to December

  • Tuition: $50 per hr or $720 per session/Evaluation Fee: $70

Note: Tutoring is depending on how many the student is in the class:

1 vs 2: $50 per hr

1 vs 4: $40 per hr

1 vs 6: $35 per hr

1 vs 8: $30 per hr

1 vs 12-25: $15 per hr


[Course Format]


In order to facilitate students' flexible summer activities, the intensive class will be conducted through online teaching. For students who have enough time, they can " meet" with their teachers two times a week, just like the normal classes. For students whose time schedule is not flexible enough, they can watch the online class footage.All registered students have a link to the course playback, which allows unlimited playback of learning.


 [ Teachers and Teaching Materials]


The quality of courses is our foundation! To this end,  Education Connects Group has hired a group of senior teachers with many years of teaching experience in Chinese AP. The teaching materials will use the combination of reference books and self-compiled materials to enable students not only to know the examination and grading standards, but also to know the examination strategies and skills, and complete the topic training under the guidance of teachers, thus laying a good foundation for autonomous learning and examination preparation.

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