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Passport to China


The “Passport to China” program is designed for a Chinese online and onsite program for beginners in particular non-heritage speakers from ages 5-Adult. The primary goal of this course is to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language and to develop students’ long-term interest in the language. Students will meet every week. Every two weeks has a different theme. Each lesson will be taught in interactive, interpersonal, and presentational modes. China’s geography, history, and culture will be integrated into language learning. Every two weeks will have a different “travel stop” for students to explore. At the end of the program, students are expected to use basic Chinese sentence to greet, introduce their name, family, school, and their likes/dislikes, and talk about the dates. They are also able to name the 4 famous places in China and their specialty. The maximum students are 8 for each class.

[Course requirements]

Age: 5-14. no Chinese experience needed.

[Course Schedule  & Fee]

  • Classes are held on weekday evening or weekend morning for 1 hour per lesson, This is year-round classes. We provide two sessions per year.  Once you register, the instructor will contact you and make an appointment for one hour Chinese Level evaluation. The recommenced enrollment date is before each session.

       Session I: September to December ( Fall )

       Session II: January to April ( Spring )

       Session III: May to August ( Summer)

  • Tuition:Discount Price: $350/ Regular Price: $400; 16 classes/8 weeks/ per sesson


Note: Tutoring is depending on how many the student is in the class:

1 vs 2: $30 per hr

1 vs 4: $25 per hr

1 vs 6: $22 per hr

1 vs 8: $20 per hr

1 vs 12-25: $10 per hr


[Course Format]

In order to facilitate students' flexible students' activities, the intensive class will be conducted through online teaching. For students who have enough time, they can " meet" with their teachers two times a week, just like the normal classes. For students whose time schedule is not flexible enough, they can watch the online class footage. All registered students have a link to the course playback, which allows unlimited playback of learning.


[Teachers and Teaching Materials]

The quality of the courses is our foundation! To this end,  Education Connects Group has hired a group of senior teachers with many years of teaching experience in Chinese. The teaching materials will also be used by the combination of reference books and self-compiled materials, thus laying a good foundation for autonomous learning and examination preparation for the future.




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