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Educonnects' Chinese Immersion After School Program

(EduCIASP) offers children of various levels, a natural environment to learn and surround themselves around Chinese language and culture. We offer introductory, beginner, and intermediate level Chinese classes with a low 8:1 student teacher ratio. For children who have not been exposed to the Chinese language, daily language immersion is an excellent opportunity for them to hear Chinese sounds spoken from native Chinese teachers and to pick up every day phrases and understanding of the Chinese language. Children who have an active interest in learning a second language will enjoy the daily Chinese language lessons, from speaking to reading and writing. For those children who speak or have some Chinese language understanding or may be enrolled in “weekend Chinese school” or "home school Chinese immersion program, the EduCIASP is an excellent complement for additional Chinese practice, repetition and homework help on a daily basis that will help the child retain more Chinese language learning.


This extended hour learning environment designed to help children gain knowledge in the Chinese language and culture where they are immersed in the language and are able to reinforce their Chinese language learning without even realizing they are learning new words, phrases and sounds. Each child is different and learns language at different rates but we strive to introduce and strengthen their Chinese language and culture no matter what level they are at. 


EduCIASP offers in concert with public and private K-12 schools nationwide.  We look forward to talking to you about your vision for Chinese language programs for your school and recommending a program that fits the needs and interests of students, parents, and your communities. If you have questions regarding our approach to Chinese programs in schools, please feel free to contact us at


In The News:

Eloquence Class 

Eloquence class has been opened at Hope Chinese School Gaithersburg and Rockville Campus.

Feb 2, 2019


EduCIASP will open new school sites at Wayside and McNair ES started on September 3rd, 2019.

Feb 1, 20219



About Founder​

Dr. Song is a founder and a director of Chinese Immersion After School Program (EduCIASP)sponsored by Education Connects. Since 2009, she have been successfully established and ​operated more than ten schools at Montgomery county Public System, MD. While she worked at two previous organizations,  she has been run Chinese Immersion After School Program at schools including Wilson Wims ES, Cedar Grove ES,  Rachel Carson ES, College Garden ES, Stone mill ES, Dufief ES, Burning Tree ES, Beverly Farm ES,  Bells Mill ES and Little Bennet ES within nine years. The school year 2018-2019, she has opened two new school sites at Fallsmead ES and Matsunaga ES for their school needs under EduCIASP. 

EduCIASP grow rapidly recent years  from one to more than ten schools at MCPS system within ten years. She do believe in a few more years, with more than ten year experience, EduCIASP will become a highly sought-after school enrichment program in Chinese Learning. 



Our Staff

All our teachers are highly selective and college educated and higher with Education Degree and at least three-year Chinese teaching experience at Public or private school or private Chinese institute in the US which ensure the quality of our Chinese education. All our teachers will bring their unique culture and language into the classroom.

Teaching Kids to Count is Fine, But Teaching them What Counts is the Best                                      

                                                           ----Bob Talbert



Our Staffs

Chinese Theme

Mrs. Xu

Selective Friday at Matsunaga ES from 3:40pm to 6:00pm

Selective Friday at Fallsmead ES from from 3:40pm to 6:00pm

Chinese Theme




Educonnects (爱纳教育) provides high-quality and multi-functional online and onsite platforms in Chinese education and cultural exchange programs.  In collaboration with other education providers, we provide resources for teaching, learning, and training for instructors and students as well as small educational and training institutions worldwide. If you seek an easily-accessible Chinese learning and training opportunities, we are the ones you can rely on.

Chinese Learning for All Students

CALL US: 1-240-481-3382

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