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April 3rd to June 21st, 2020
Python Pic.PNG
Project | 01
Project | 01 Intro to Python 
Course Description:​

Over the years, Python has become one of the most versatile languages available today. In this 10-day course, you will learn the basics of Python 3 syntax, control flow, as well as data structures, and apply these to a project

Course Syllabus 

Kangaroo Image.PNG
Project | 02
Project | 01 Math Kangaroo
Course Description:​

In this class, students will prepare for the math kangaroo math competition and higher level math by working with math concepts ranging from logic to geometry. Students will be taught how to look at math problems from a more holistic standpoint to answer problems that aren’t immediately obvious at first glance 

Course Syllabus Level 1&2

Course Syllabus Level 3&4

Cell Molecular Biology Pic.PNG
Project | 03
Project | 03 Cell & Molecular Biology

Course Description:​

This course will provide the basic knowledge and framework of cell and molecular biology. Students will begin with an overview on the discipline of biology, before diving into cell/molecular biology. Topics will include cell structure and activity, basic genetics, and connection to anatomy.

Course Syllabus 

Spanish web.PNG
Project | 04
Project | 04 Intro to Spanish

Course Description:​

Through this free 10-week course, students will be able to create and interpret simple sentences written in Spanish.

Course Syllabus 

Raven K Pic.PNG
Project | 05
Project | 05 Raven
Course Description:​

Raven Progressive Matrices are commonly used as an entrance exam for gifted programs all over the country. This class will teach students how to identify different patterns and effectively use problem-solving skills and abstract reasoning to answer Raven Standard Progressive Matrices. Students will improve their logical and creative thinking skills.

Course Syllabus 

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