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About Team

Tian Yi (田毅)

a professional bilingual MC and News anchor of EDI Media. He’s been working as a bilingual host for 6 years with 500 events, such as press conference, gala, stars’ meet-and-greet affair, talkshow and all kinds of parties. Having been working on various stages in North America and Asia such as Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC, as well as forty-one cities in Asia, such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. His hosting masterpieces include Asian world film festival awards ceremony, The Belt and Road Commemorative Album Press Conference, 2017 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, JingDong Global Strategy Signing Ceremony and so on.

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Jing Wu (武晶) 

A Column Host of the "Tourist Food World" at the Youth Channel of Liaoning TV Station. She has planned or participated in before- and post-production of some Column, Dance choreographer and also was a member of "I want to go to TV" crew drama at Liaoning TV Station. She has starred in the "Twenty-second Day of Marriage", "Caring for Autistic Children" Large-scale Public Welfare TV Series, "The Sky of Women" and the micro-movie "Modern Brothers".

Stacey  Song

She got the First Grade, second class certificate of National Proficiency Test of Mandarin and has been learning Broadcasting and Hosting since childhood. Thanks to active participance in several national large-scale competitions,  she is rich with professional experience and certain working experiences. She won the First Place Prize of the Drama Special Performance in the Fourth Beijing College Students Art Exhibition Competition,  the Gold Award of recitation group in Heilongjiang Province of the Fifth National New Talent Art Competition and the Top Ten Contestants in national finals. She was outstanding contestant of Beijing Division of the First National University Students' Host Contest held by China National Radio and candidate host of Flowers of May - Our Chinese Dream National University Students' Evening Theme Party held by CCTV; She organized the Third "Xia Qing Cup" Recitation Contest in Changping Division held by China National Radio and the Head director of the First Art of Sound Competition in Changping District, Beijing.



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