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Eloquence & Film & television combination classes are designed to nurture and develop the stage performer and focus on providing students with among story telling, music and dance training. This training will give them the ability to perform in front of others with poise, confidence and stage presence.


National Young Chinese Language Arts Examination Rating

Level I to Level IV: Early childhood 4-7 years old children

Level V to Level X: Children 8--14 years old children

Eloquence performance course content:

  • imagination modeling contact;

  • attention, memory, reaction game training;

  • poetry readings;

  • story performances;

  • dialogue exercises;

  • EQ tips;

  • tongue twister class;

  • etiquette and courtesy training;

  • children hosted tips;


Film and television performance course content:​

  • simulation performance: let us speak better;

  • Body Training: Let us speak more beautifully and be aware of ourselves;

  • voice basics: let us speak better;

  • Perceive my body: liberate my nature and speak boldly;

  • Appreciation of children's dramas: plot analysis and experience;

  • cartoon dubbing: experience a variety of roles;

  • observe life training;

  • no physical exercises and simple action exercises;

  • sketch script exercises and simulations;



Educonnects (爱纳教育) provides high-quality and multi-functional online and onsite platforms in Chinese education and cultural exchange programs.  In collaboration with other education providers, we provide resources for teaching, learning, and training for instructors and students as well as small educational and training institutions worldwide. If you seek an easily-accessible Chinese learning and training opportunities, we are the ones you can rely on.

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