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Director's Welcome


Dear Friends:


Welcome to the EduPanda staff page.  Edupanda is the professional “home” to an incredible team of our Staff.  We work hard to ensure that our students learn from talented and high qualified Chinese educators.  Most of our Chinese lead and head teachers have advanced degrees, and all of them are native speakers from China with three or more Chinese teaching experiences at Private or Public Schools in US. In addition, our teachers understand that actions, words, and feelings contribute greatly to our students’ abilities to learn and grow.   

A great Teacher takes hand, open a mind and touches a heart.

Thanks you!

Jun Xu

Diredtor of EduPamda Sponsored by Education Connects

Meet Our Teachers

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Reece Peters

3rd Grade

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Yu Zhang Bio.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.14.26
Aiden Paul

5th Grade

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Educonnects (爱纳教育) provides high-quality and multi-functional online and onsite platforms in Chinese education and cultural exchange programs.  In collaboration with other education providers, we provide resources for teaching, learning, and training for instructors and students as well as small educational and training institutions worldwide. If you seek an easily-accessible Chinese learning and training opportunities, we are the ones you can rely on.

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